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What we do

Structuring healthcare data for easy access

Our 44ai-System optimizes healthcare institutions' workflows by structuring incoming data (f. e. audio, reports, scans) to international standards to further support report generations, copiloting, guideline suggestions or multi-agent workflows.

  • Easy access to relevant data
  • Foundation for evidence-based AI applications
  • Seamless integration through 44ai API
Data protection

Swiss made, swiss safe

We incorporate the 44ai-System into your software environment to ensure the highest standards of data security and cloud protection.

  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Data sovereignty in your hands
  • Hosting on swiss server
About us
Jannis Schönleber
Co-Founder and Head Development
Stefan Lombriser
Co-Founder and Strategic Affairs
Christoph Meier
Compliance and Regulations
Robin Schönleber
Financial Affairs
Nick Gebert
AI/ML Software Engineer
external support
Medical Advisory Board
Nicolas Gürtler
Med. Doc at Universitätsspital Basel
Edouard Battegay
Prof med. Doc at Merian Iselin Klinik Basel
Our Medical Advisory Board is composed of esteemed experts from diverse medical fields, ensuring that our technology aligns with the highest standards of healthcare practice. Their invaluable expertise guides the development of our products like the 44ai-System, enhancing its integration into clinical workflows. This collaboration empowers healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care by streamlining administrative tasks through advanced AI-driven solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does our 44ai-System do?

Our 44ai-System integrates multiple artificial intelligence models to process and organize incoming data in compliance with international healthcare standards. It handles various media types, including audio, medical imaging, and textual reports, transforming them into a structured format. This structured data repository supports further analytical applications like automatic report generation, adherence to clinical guidelines, and the development of AI-driven patient dashboards.

Does our 44ai-System make medical decisions?

No, our 44ai-System is designed to assist, not replace, medical professionals. It focuses on the organization and structuring of data to enhance workflow efficiency. While the system provides structured data outputs, healthcare professionals retain full control over their review and modification processes. Our aim is to alleviate the burden of administrative tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate more on patient care.

How secure is my data with your system?

We prioritize data security by adhering to stringent Swiss data protection laws and storing data within Switzerland and/or (depending on the customer) the European Union. The 44ai-System is tailored to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure, granting you complete control over data management and utilization in compliance with your specific data protection requirements.

Are there established use cases for your 44ai-System?

Yes, our 44ai-System has been successfully implemented across various Patient Information Systems (PIS) and healthcare platforms, significantly enhancing their operational capabilities. We are actively extending its application to telemedicine and Clinical Information Systems (CIS), aiming to broaden our impact and enhance the efficiency of healthcare services.

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